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Visual creating is what I do and who I am.  If I am not creating, I am not living.  
Self Portrait 2008

Memberships - Richardson Civic Arts Society (RCAS), Richardson, TX

2008 RCAS - Fall Membership - Merchant Award
2009 RCAS - Regional Art Show - Jury Entry

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About two years ago I put down my paint brushes and with the encouragement of an associate began experimenting with colored pencil.  Messing around on just ordinary papers was very frustrating.  It wasn't until I started using sandpaper that I got the hang of it.  Once I learned the different techniques of applying pencil, then layering the colors, I was on my way.  I can't do pencil all the time, it can be slow and sometimes like painting by numbers.  I miss having a bush in my hand and playing in paint.  This year I've been experimenting with watercolor and pastel.

My work reflects where I'm living at the time.  If I'm in the northern hemisphere my work reflects the muted colors of a northern hemisphere winter.  If I'm in the southern hemisphere I'm bombarded with the "diamond light" of the subtropics - so crisp, so clear, so vivid and this is reflected in that work.

My career in IT has given me an edge up.  I use it as a design tool for my work.  I'm in the process of taking it further in the painting process.

I do hope you enjoy visiting my web site - check back again for new things to come.

Robynne Hardison