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Informational websites are perfect for the beginner company.
It provides just the perfect amount of information people will want to read
about your business. They can learn about who you are, what you do,
image samples of your work, testimonials from you clients and how to
contact you.
Each website design is customized to your personal style.

Question:   How many revisions do we get?
Answer: We are not strict on the number of revisions. The contract specifies 5 
revisions, sometimes we go over that.   But really, we like to get you
the exact look you want, so we keep at it until it is reached. 
What if I don't like the design you give me?
Answer:  This seldom happens because we do the planning upfront. If you don't
like what we give you, we simply start over. 
Can I update my site after it is completed and running live?
Answer:  Yes. This will be spelled out in the contract.
What happens if months later I find a glitch in my site
Answer: Call immediately. If it is an error on our end, we will fix it!

Question:  Do I have to have a domain name (web address) before
you build my website
Answer:  Yes, we can help you get one.

Question:  Will I have to have a hosting site before  you build my website?
Answer: Yes, we can help you get one

Upgrades to consider

Logo Identity $200
Do you have a logo already established? Logo's are very important. It is the first thing you want created to establish an identity for your business. Logos determine everything for a website. It is the first thing we ask for because it determines the colors and style of your company. People will over look the power of a logo, but that is the way they will visually remember you. 

Revamp of your current logo $100
We will use what you have and revamp it to a more modern look. Using the same style you currently have but upgrading the font, layout and maybe adjust the colors. Up to 5 compositions are provided and up to 5 revisions.


Informational Websites Online Special $399

Ideal for  small businesses, photographers, artists  etc needing a web presence.......
100% Custom Design
Up to 5 informational pages
Up to 15 images
Contact form included on contact page

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